Lasers as a Natural Migraine Relief

The writer Joan Didion wrote a stark and fatalistic essay about the headaches that afflict so many Americans. “It was a long time before I began thinking mechanistically enough to accept migraine for what it was,” she said: “something with which I would be living, the way some people live with diabetes.” For anyone who has these migraines, her years of fighting and eventual defeated resolution sound familiar. After many failed medications, dietary changes, and meditation practices, natural migraine relief seems impossible—but lasers can give hope. While nothing has been found to cure migraines, new research and testimonials have emerged that proclaim laser technology to be an effective treatment.

Most of the research surrounding low level laser therapy has proven it reduces inflammation. For those with arthritis and other joint pain, this is welcome news, but headaches are more of a cerebral storm than inflamed tissue. If a particularly debilitating migraine attacks—lasting for days or weeks—sufferers may finally turn to lasers and feel no results. By that point, the attack has sparked biochemical and neural reactions in the brain; but if treated early, low level laser therapy can lead to complete natural migraine relief. Like calming inflamed tissues, low level lasers combat the brainwaves that have suddenly begun storming throughout the head. Many patients found full relief after less than five minutes of treatment—a result no medication has ever replicated. The trick is simply to combat the migraine early enough. People who have suffered for years know how to recognize the onset of headaches; if they turn to lasers soon after, they can experience true natural migraine relief.

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