Cold Lasers and Quantum “Magic”

Historically, it hasn’t been uncommon for doctors and others in the medical field to use technology and procedures they don’t entirely understand. Centuries ago, various roots and herbs were used to calm nerves, heal wounds, and even combat cancer. As science became more empirical, those practices were dismissed as old wives’ tales, but further advancements have proven how valid many of those treatments were. Even if they didn’t understand how nutrition or antiseptics affected the body, midwives and traveling doctors knew that the herbs did in fact heal it. It’s similarly challenging to determine the point of healing in cold lasers, that is, until now with modern quantum discoveries.

A relatively new area of science and physics, quantum studies have become more and more prominent in the past hundred years. Though research remains fairly theoretical, you’d be hard pressed to find a scientist that doesn’t accept the theories as highly probable, if not factual. Quantum behavior describes the way electronics and atoms interact, and many of the findings have seemed almost magical. Electrons transporting through time, connecting with other atomic particles across improbable distances: erratic, nearly unbelievable behaviors have been observed in labs. This all relates to cold lasers, because the technology has been used to identify and discover some of these behaviors. Scientists at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena recently used lasers to cool atomic particles enough to reach an ideal quantum state. The lasers stripped energy from the atoms, and they became “untangled” (linked together, regardless of physical distance). This sounds impossible, but it’s quantum mechanics, and it reveals how powerful cold lasers can be—and perhaps in the future will reveal how, exactly, they bring about the healing that so many people have felt from them.

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