Choose Lasers and Exercise for Low Back Pain Relief

Staring at a lot of aging housewives in Southern California will prove that there’s such a thing as too many surgeries. The body is a resilient machine, but it can only handle so much. When scalpels and other invasive techniques constantly tear away at skin, bones, and fat, the body naturally wears out. This isn’t just true for cosmetics, though. A dozen surgeries for chronic medical conditions will exhaust any patient, but non-invasive procedures for low back pain relief can be done in tandem. In some cases, multiple therapies can actually be more effective than one alone. That’s true, at least, for cold laser treatments. Though many studies have revealed the effectiveness of cold lasers, independent of exercise, those seeking low back pain relief are best served completing the two treatments together.

The reason why is mainly physiological. While cold laser treatments combat pain by reducing inflammation and swelling, exercise can be the key to achieving lasting relief. Most sufferers know their pain can stem from a variety of sources. Doctors often face difficulty pinpointing the exact cause of low back pain, but few argue that strengthened muscles won’t help. Whether they’re injured or degenerative, joints and vertebrae need proper support. When they don’t have it, swelling, inflammation, and of course pain results. Cold laser treatments combat those symptoms, but the root cause can linger even after the pain has dissipated. If you’ve turned to cold lasers for low back pain relief, you’ll probably find it, but you can ensure it lasts by exercising as well.

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