85% of People Will Need Low Back Pain Relief

It’s not just something that afflicts the elderly. A recent study found that 70-85% of people will seek low back pain relief in their lives; and it’s especially prevalent among Americans under 45. If you’ve never experienced it yourself, this at least explains how frequently chronic back pain gets brought up in society. If you’re a sufferer, you can feel secure knowing that you’re among a huge majority that hopes for relief.

By definition, chronic pain is something people just have to live with: it’s always present, and it’s always debilitating, so sufferers can either wallow at home and complain, or they grit their teeth and bear the constant discomfort. Lower back pain is actually the number one cause of activity limitation among young Americans. It prevents fathers from tossing the football with their sons, prevents mothers from lifting their children, and keeps people from being able to work in numerous jobs and careers. Whether they suffered an injury, were born with a spinal deformity, or inherited degenerative joints, attaining low back pain relief is essential to continuing a normal and full life.

This news might sound dire, but being in this majority is better than suffering from a more obscure illness. Since at least 70% of people will seek low back pain relief at some point in their lives, numerous treatments have emerged. Some people turn to surgery; others rely daily on painkillers; but a number of safer and less complicated measures can now be taken. If you’re one of the many who live with lower back pain, try not to despair; just research and study the options that can alleviate your suffering.

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